This page has information pertaining to the IREAD-3 test that all third grade students will take beginning the Spring of 2012.



The purpose of the Indiana Reading Evaluation And Determination (IREAD-3) assessment is to measure foundational reading standards through grade three. Based on the Indiana Academic Standards, IREAD-3 is a summative assessment that was developed in accordance with Public Law 109 which "requires the evaluation of reading skills for students who are in grade three beginning in the Spring of 2012 to ensure that all students can read proficiently before moving on to grade four."


The purpose of the test blueprint, designed with the help of Indiana classroom teachers, is to make transparent to educators the knowledge, skills, and abilities required of students on the assessment.

The blueprint can be used as a tool to:

  • Align expectations regarding mastery of the standards;
  • Identify the degree of emphasis of curricular components;
  • Assist and guide the prioritizing of curriculum and instructional planning; and
  • Enhance classroom assessment.

Updated! IREAD-3-blueprint

Item Sampler

The Item Sampler provides information about IREAD-3 for students, parents, educators, and others. The items in this sampler are examples of the types of items found on IREAD-3. These examples can serve as models when teachers are constructing items for classroom assessment. It should be noted that the sampler is not a practice test.

IREAD-3 Item Sampler

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Since this assessment was administered as a pilot during Spring 2011, data will not be released. Detailed reports will be available once the assessment is operationalized in Spring 2012.

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